My Retirement Story

Having been in managerial positions in various sized companies, I had planned for semi- retirement / retirement for some years;  I was looking at an age around 60.  However due to positive (personally) and negative (professionally) events, it felt right to take the decision earlier.  There were discussions with my wife and financial adviser before the decision was taken.   


Having been in retirement for a short while I think it is fair to say that I am still in transition.  I think it is important to keep physically and mentally active; I am an “enthusiastic“ golfer and a musician ( I have just passed  Grade 5 in piano-playing and musical theory)  and visit the gym on a regular basis. I have attempted to take both activities seriously which I believe is necessary to get the full mental and physical benefits.


Although you would wish to succeed in the activities it is the struggle that gives the benefits especially as you get older.   Further with my wife being in full time work, I now do more of the everyday “chores”  and give family support where necessary.  This goes some way to pay back those years where the family had supported me when I was working all hours and away from home.   I did a little consultancy in the first year but had no plans to continue, but I remain flexible to this as well as undertaking any part time work.

Looking to the future I intend to advance my musical studies to Grade 6 and continue my physical activities. I will also continue to give family support when required.   Although planning is important but so is being flexible and open to new opportunities (or changing global events whether positive or negative)  if and when they present themselves.