My Retirement Story

International Senior Manager (R & D, Development) - Multinational FMCG

I am now well into my journey so can reflect of what and how it has worked. Serendipidy but with some themes running through it. The key issues I would pass on to others from my experience are:

  • Remember it’s an opportunity not a threat

  • You can commit to things on a regular basis that work may not have allowed

  • Decide what you have to do-family and finance

  • Understand the SKILLS you have – not KNOWLEDGE or EXPERIENCE

  • Consider doing something quite different and perhaps less stressful than your job

  • Think about the things you have always wanted to do. You may need reminding!

I started off with a wish list which was

  • Grow vegetables – now had an allotment for 16 years

  • Learn about astronomy -Open University then teaching a U3A group.

  • Know a little bit about English History – free online courses!

  • Read a serious book for an hour a day. Failed

  • Travel More. Mostly failed

Wanted to make some contribution. Journey started with an advert in the paper (yes paper then) for hospital inspectors. Worked for the Commission for Health Improvement. Did this until it was stopped. Responded to another medical advert, this time for Non Executives for A Primary Care Trust and did this for a quite a few years. Joined Rotary because it was social but it was involved locally and nationally in making a difference to the lives of others. I am still in Rotary to this day so that has worked. I then became Treasurer and Secretary for the Credit Union. It is a charity which provides small loans at very low rates to the most disadvantaged in our society.


Moving on to today

  • Saw an email about READ EASY which is a reading programme open to all who are unable to read. Became somewhat of a pioneer in my home city.

  • Has got to understand the network of support organisations and the need for volunteers

  • Now working with an Advice Centre in my home city helping people complete benefit applications

  • Do a Friday afternoon in an Oxfam shop

Finally the Seven Day Week of a Retiree. I won’t draw here but I have found it useful to build a structure for the week which also allows for discretionary time.