The Services



These have been designed to meet the needs of both organisations and private individuals.



Retirement Planning Workshops

Many companies to whom these have been delivered provide organisational benefits.

  • Enhance reputation as a responsible, caring employer. This help makes a significant difference to how well people adjust to this major life transition

  •  Build morale. Few things please remaining employees more than seeing how well their colleagues are looked after when they are leaving

  •  A thank you for all the value those people have brought to the organisation

  •  Heighten awareness and open up possible ways where certain people may find new ways to bring value in a more flexible way eg managing projects, mentoring younger staff etc. either while they are still employed or afterwards in self employment.

These workshops have been popular because they enable a number of people to attend these one or two day sessions. Most companies still only provide help with financial planning. While this is valuable the other dimensions to people’s lives make a bigger contribution to happy, successful retirements.

The two day workshops include a comprehensive session on finance delivered by a qualified and experienced IFA company. They cover all aspects of life, however, which are impacted by this major transition. These include the psychological adjustment, continued work possibly but on a more flexible basis, helping others including volunteering, health and well being, relationships, personal growth, learning, where to live and others.

We have found the sharing your feelings, experiences and thoughts with others really helps. Hearing from others stimulates your own thinking and most of like to know we are not alone on this journey and have others to offer support.

Give us the opportunity to come and talk through how to put the right workshop together for your organisation.

Follow up One-to-One Coaching

Tailored to individual needs



Private Clients


Primarily One-To-One coaching either face to face, phone or Skype.

Tailored to individual needs but would recommend a minimum of 4 x 1 hour sessions.


Value in enabling you to:

  • Leave full time employment. We are all different  effects us all in different ways. Coaching helps you work through this major transition in our lives.

  • Uncover your talents, passions, values and purpose

  • Provide a structure and framework to work it all through to a working plan

  • Step back and take control

  • Be actively listened to, encouraged, challenged and supported

  • Find practical ways of realising your dreams and aspirations

  • Create objectives and a plan whilst being fully supported.

There is the opportunity for a group workshop approach either face to face or by webinar depending on how many people are interested at that point in time.