About Us


I’m Jim and I am the Director of Reinventing Retirement ably supported by the small team around me. I founded it because in my work as a career transitions consultant I was working with so many clients wrestling with this transition out of full time employment and I could see the type of help that would really make a difference.

Of course everyone has different feelings and attitudes towards what we euphemistically call “retirement”.  Many would continue to work, only more flexibly. Maybe set up a business, a consultancy, become a non executive director or a chair/trustee of a charity or even plan for a “portfolio career”. Others wanted a complete break for 6 months or so after leaving a stressful job. Others again wanted to focus on their families (especially if grandchildren were involved) and their hobbies.


What was becoming increasingly common was the recognition that this a major transition in their life and they valued skilled, impartial help to make it a success. This could be psychological and/or practical.

I then discovered this area is not well provided for and what there is has been exclusively focussed on the finances. Valuable though this is, it is far from the full story. Indeed all the literature, be it books, authoritative reports or articles testify to the non financial side being a more important determinant of a successful retirement than the money. You may find this hard to believe but I think it is true.

As the population ages more people will need the kind of help we offer. It may be coaching, peer support group working, information and a range of other resources. We’re here to fill that gap. To demonstrate that you have come to the right place for help there are a few details below which may be useful.

A brief description of my background and this is followed by my own personal retirement story.

Career Background

I have spent the last 18 years working in the Career Transitions Industry. For the first 8 years employed as a manager in two world leading companies in the industry. Then for the last 10 as an associate consultant for many of the market leaders in the industry. Over that period I have worked with many hundreds of clients. A number of them have fallen into the Transition into Retirement category. So I have built up a wealth of experience in both one-to-one coaching and facilitating many group workshops/seminars. The latter have been for a number of multinational companies in financial services, technology, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.

I am an avid reader of any book, report or article I can find on the topic of Retirement Planning and Transitioning. This has further expanded and enriched my thinking and approach.

Some of what I do is to help my clients market themselves or their business. The first 30 years of my career was spent in Marketing and I was either Director of Marketing or Senior Marketing Manager for the last 20 of those years. Brands were my lifeblood. Little did I know this at the time but it has proved to be a real asset in helping my clients.

Jim's Retirement Story

I am happy the way my retirement is taking shape. I feel good that it is in my control and not someone else controlling me. Things change so you are always striving to adjust the balance and emphasis. It's all about the journey but I am finding that it has a theme to it and a sense of purpose. Don't we all? A life that is wholly made up of rest and leisure is not enough for me. Is it for you?

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