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Welcome to Reinventing Retirement

Throw away conceptions you may have about traditional retirement. We want  to enable you to live a fulfilled, purposeful and enjoyable life.

The traditional view of retirement is on its last legs. Today we are living longer, we are healthier, wealthier and living more active lives. This phase can easily amount to a third of your whole life!  So we can still pursue our dreams, have a real sense of purpose and make a difference to the lives of others. We have Freedom but that comes with Choice. And to make the right choices  means having an idea of who we are, what we want, what drives us and ultimately what really matters to us.

Transition. The tough bit for many of us is dealing with the transition from full time work to where you go next. Retiring from full time employment is a big change in the same way as redundancy, divorce and the death of someone close to us. It’s the psychological process we go through in trying to make sense of and manage change. How well you manage that transition makes all the difference to creating a happier, more satisfying retirement.

No One Solution for us all. We are all very different.  I have worked with so many clients who have all viewed this phase of their life so differently. Many  feel really excited and happy about it but it goes all the way through to “I feel like I am going down a dark tunnel with no sign of light at the end of it”. It can lead to a  loss of identity, structure, purpose and social connectedness.

Have a Plan. What has been common in my own experience and all the literature is the importance of “having a plan”. This means taking time for reflection, getting to know yourself better, knowing your talents, uncovering your passions and values. From this core you can then make the best choices, decide your right priorities and set out your goals.  

Money. It would be foolish to say this is unimportant. You have to take stock of what you have, do your financial planning and budgeting and decide if you need to continue to earn in some way. While you need enough for your everyday needs having lots of money is not the thing that will bring you a happy and successful retirement.

This is where Reinventing Retirement can help.

So what is it?

It’s One-to-One Coaching. Individual coaching helps with working through, confidentially and impartially, the psychological transitions. It helps you understand your strengths, values, passions and your purpose. It will challenge your limiting beliefs, provide a structure and framework for making decisions. And vitally it provides the on-going support .

It’s Group Facilitation in the form of face to face workshops and/or webinars To be working and sharing with others in a similar position to our own is invaluable. To be able to see how we are all different, the diversity of opinions and how each us approaches things is enriching. And the peer support it delivers is key.

It’s Resources. The site contains useful blogs, articles, reports, links to useful sites and other information we think will be helpful to you.

It’s Support. Being here to answer your questions and do all we can to make you feel you have friends with whom you can share your feelings, ideas, excitements and concerns


Please  make contact for a confidential , free, no obligations chat. I  passionately believe in both the importance and potency of what can be done to enable you to make this the very best time of your life.

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